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Don't have the time or the expertise to make your social media strategy a priority? Want to be social but don't know where to start? Let me take away the headaches and deliver you a serious return on investment.

Following the right people, sharing relevant posts, and joining the best conversations is vital to a healthy social media page. With my help, you will increase followers, make a real impact, and build a community of like-minded people, interesting connections, and potential customers.

With my background in powerful and impactful writing, I never have trouble thinking of what to post, and I love joining in with the conversation of the moment. Let me help you make the impact you deserve.

I specialise in LinkedIn and Twitter but am happy to work across all of your social media opportunities.

Prices begin at £200.00 per month and can be scaled according to your specific requirements.

"Molly is a very impressive and inspiring woman. I've known Molly since November 2015 when we first began speaking about her business taking on the day to day management of my social media. As a small business owner, coach, consultant or facilitator we know that a strong social media presence is a vital part of growing our business. Yet at the same time, it is always a challenge to balance working in the business with working on the business.
Employing Molly to support my social media activity has proved to be a great investment. She quickly understood my strategy and had been incredibly effective in delivering it. She is pro-active in providing me with weekly reports so that I am able to track the return on the investment I have made with her. Perhaps the true testament to her skills through is the fact that I'm often unable to distinguish between the tweets that I have written and those written by her on my behalf!
Once you are clear on your own Social Media Strategy I would highly recommend her to help execute it."
 - Ben Morton, Team Development Consultant and Coach, Twenty One Leadership 

"I know I need to be in this space but I never seem to have the time to make it a priority. Now I no longer have to worry about the opportunities I may be missing, I have it taken care of. It's a no brainer for me and my business." 
- Nick Looby, Professional Speaker, Feet on the Ground

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