Editing and Critiquing

I know how impossible it is to identify if a book is on track or why it's just not working. Sometimes you'll go back to your manuscript and bask in the glory of your terrific writing, and other days you'll just want to throw the whole thing in the shredder because what were you thinking?

But fear not! I am here to help.

Whether you want someone to share your book with a review, or help through the tricky first draft and editing stages, I am here for you. Having written many young adult novels and experienced both the publishing and self-publishing worlds, I believe we will make an unstoppable team. My passion is YA fiction for both younger and older readers, and having spent many years on Movellas (a writing community for teenagers), I am confident in what gets them excited.

I offer a variety of services designed to help you get the most out of your project:

This is perfect for preparing your submission to agencies and publishers, or making sure your book gives the right first impression. Getting your point across in a cover letter and synopsis is hard and can sometimes require a fresh eye to point out the flaws, not to mention it's a totally different skill to novel writing. Here I can help you make a fantastic first impression to encourage agents to pick up your manuscript.

First chapter £15
First three chapters £30
Query (cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters) £50

Line Editing
When you're confident about your characterisation and plot but aren't sure how to get the overall message or tone of the book across, a line edit can be a huge help. I'll look at sentence construction, word choice, and overall voice line by line and get into the nitty-gritty of your work to make every sentence have the impact it should.

Price: £400

Developmental Editing
If you're confident in your book but not so confident with its characters or plot, a developmental edit can do wonders. Looking at plot, characterisation, pace, themes, tone, voice, and setting, a developmental edit will give you confidence and inspiration to continue perfecting your masterpiece.

Price: £450 

Writing Coach
Just can't finish that first draft? Need an extra push from someone who's been in the same boat over and over again? Never fear! I offer coaching to get you through the struggle that is writing a first draft. I can offer thought exercises to fully develop plot points and characters, as well as chapter by chapter encouragement and advice regarding pace, tone, and characterisation.

Price: On project by project basis. Contact me for a quote.

Book Review
I am addicted to book reviewing and would love to review your book! I will blog about it here on www.fangsclawsandwings.blogspot.co.uk and also post my review on Goodreads and Amazon. Your review will be shared to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and Movellas. Fangs, Claws and Wings is shared every week, and your review will be among the blog pages listed so it has the opportunity to be read again and again.

Price: FREE! As long as you send me a copy of the book!

"Molly is great. She's friendly, professional, has an eye for detail and isn't afraid to let you know what needs improving on your book. Her aftercare is superb; she always answers emails in detail and takes the time to explain things. I've used other editors and they either miss things or don't offer any help after they've completed their task. This is what sets Molly apart from the rest.
I'll definitely be coming back for more editorial services, and I can highly recommend her. Five stars!"
- Leo Romero, Author of Fanghunters  

"Molly Looby is naturally detail-oriented, a quick reader, and has a real strength in proofreading. Not only is Molly an amazing writer, she is more specifically an exceptional editor and her skills, knowledge of grammar, and quality work are worth commending!"
 - Skye Smith, Community Manager at Movellas

Prices are assuming a word count of 50,000 - 100,000 words. If your project is under or over, let me know and I will adjust prices accordingly.

I'm flexible, and if you want to mix and match, just let me know what you were thinking, and I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at molly@moltenpublishing.co.uk and I will get back to you the same day. 

Thank you for visiting and happy writing!

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