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Saturday, 19 October 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Post #2

So November's coming up fast.  Not long now.

You'll be pleased to know my novel idea is growing by the day and I couldn't be more excited about bringing the characters to life.

That's not why I'm posting today.  Today I'm sharing my fundraising page so I can help NaNoWriMo reach it's goal so it can stay for years and years and years.  I couldn't imagine November without NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is an amazing cause helping thousands of writers to discover their potential every year.  NaNoWriMo helps me grow as a writer more than the rest of the year as I'm forced to do nothing but write.  It also helps me remember how much I love my craft.

So please give to NaNoWriMo and help thousands of writers realise their dreams:

Thank you,

Molly Looby

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The House We Grew Up In - Lisa Jewell

A Spoiler Free Bit About the Book

'The House We Grew Up In' follows the Bird family through their very different, very separate lives.  But when they were children they were so very close.  Until one Easter Day when disaster changes their lives forever.

'The House We Grew Up In' follows the characters from their childhoods until their adulthoods, switching from the past to the present to show the reader how everything has come together to bring them all back to the Bird House, the house they grew up in.

My Review

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.  It wasn't that it didn't sound good.  Everyone around me was telling me it was brilliant.  It was because I couldn't remember the last chick lit book I read.  (A check of the bookshelf confirms it was Cecelia Ahern's 'PS, I Love You' which I must of read in '10 or '11).  I'm not a huge fan of chick lit.  Too much pink, too many housewives.  Too predictable.  That's probably because I'm a reader of YA books which contain none of this.  So it takes a really special chick lit book to impress me.  And my god did this book impress me.

I loved the backwards and forwards from the past to the present.  The way we discover things about the family is perfect.  Every chapter we learn something new and understand their situation a little more.  The information is fed to us in such a way that we're always asking for more, but never bored because we've been given too little.

I also enjoyed that we got an insight into all the characters' thoughts and feelings.  As we follow the whole family, it's difficult to say who really is the protagonist of this story.  As the novel continues you feel more and more attached to the characters and end up wishing their lives had gone differently.

There was a lot going on in this novel and for that I was glad.  Each character had their own sub plot within the main plot of the book and I loved hearing about all of them.  I didn't find one sub plot to be tedious or boring, they each added to the story in their own way.

Because of the jumps between narrators, chronology and the way it was all put together, what more can I say but that this book was expertly crafted.


Plot Idea - 5/10 - I didn't expect the family's problems to be as intense as they truly were.

Way Plot Was Pursued - 7/10 - I loved the narrative and chronology jumps.

Characters - 6/10 - I liked them and cared for them but felt distanced by the style at times.

Style - 6/10 - I was immersed into the story but sometimes it felt a bit too reported.

Pace - 8/10 - the story moved on quickly as there was so much to cover.

Would I recommend it? - Yes.  More to women than men.

Would I look up the author? - No.  But I have been given another of Jewell's novels which I plan on reading once my 'to read' pile has decreased a bit.  Although this will not be this year!

'The House We Grew Up In' surprised me and reminded me to not always stick with what you know and try out new styles and genres every once in a while.

Anyone else been reading a new genre recently?  Let me know!

Molly Looby
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Post #1

I never do a chatty blog so what better time to start than the run up to NaNoWriMo 13.  I think I can honestly say that this year I'm more excited about NaNoWriMo than ever before.  In 2011 - which was my first year - I was just petrified the entire time.  In 2012 I was blind to anything else but my forming novel.  This year I'm filled with anticipation.  Maybe it's because I'm rushing to finish the novel I'm currently writing!  God knows if I'll finish it in time.

This year I'm going to write a story that's been in my head close to five years now.  It's gone through many changes since then (plot, characters, genre) but I've never been able to just drop it like other half formed ideas.  I would try and explain the plot to you here but I'll just get carried away.  Also, I want to save some stuff for November.  I'm planning to track my journey as it happens.

NaNoWriMo is the perfect time to procrastinate.

So for those of you WriMos out there, I don't have any buddies on which is really sad.  I'd love to chat to my fellow WriMos so feel free to add me.  My username is simply: MollyLooby
I'm the one who's written ZA (2011) I Dare You (2012) and my 2013 novel is called Ice Flame - for now.  I have a feeling I'll change it.

So don't be shy!  I'd love to hear your NaNoWriMo tales!

Molly Looby
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